Inner Beauty Center on the corner of 15th and Lincoln in a church known then as Blessed Hope. The founder’s husband was the pastor and those who attended were affected by addiction, abuse, and poverty.

In 2011 a woman came into the church and stated:  “God told me if I came in here you would help me!” We heard the call loud and clear and in September of 2012 we opened the doors to Inner Beauty Center. We have since learned that the women we work all have unique stories that all contain a history of having a trafficker/pimp currently or in the past, sexual assault as a child, and significant childhood trauma that takes them to the streets and addiction.

Deanne Lawson


Executive Director and Founder

Deanne has a passion for women who are marginalized by sexual exploitation. An RN since 1988, she has worked primarily in women’s health in the hospital setting and is currently employed as an RN at a local hospital.  Mid 2011 her world was rocked by a woman who was a sex trafficking victim brought to Milwaukee from out of state. Not knowing the dangers or even the definition of human trafficking she assisted this woman to a safe place and eventually back to her home state. That began the journey to today’s 501(c)(3) public charity – Inner Beauty Center.

Deanne married Grant in 1991 who is now a retired pastor. They are parents of 3 now adult children.  She finds gardening and singing to be “therapy.” Deanne is down to earth, compassionate and definitely finds helping people most rewarding.

Laurie Tenpenny


Co-Founder of the Inner Beauty Center and Board Chair

Laurie is an Ordained Minister who is a survivor of childhood abuse. Laurie’s passion is to see the power of the gospel at work in redeeming, transforming and restoring lives. She has been ministering to victims and offenders for twenty years and believes God loves setting captives free and empowering them to be overcomers.

Mary Worden


Client Advocate and Hospitality Coordinator

Mary came to IBC in 2014 as a volunteer at our drop-in center.  She and her husband, a pastor, married in 1979. She raised and home-schooled four daughters and one son and is now a grandmother of seven (and counting!) both biological and foster children. As a mother/grandmother figure Mary inspires homemaking and parenting skills in both staff and attendees.

Mary is passionate about her work and is committed to creating a homey and welcoming family atmosphere for our “girls” who have so often been denied that blessing in their lives.

“My love language is service” Mary says. “I’m better at baking a pie than giving a speech; but I’m a good listener”.

Michael Ganiere