Our Impact

The Inner Beauty Center has a drop-in center open every Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 4:00 pm to 7:00.

Women attend the center and are served a nutritious home cooked meal prepared by volunteer cooks. Women visit the Clothing Boutique to choose donated clothing. Personal care items are given and a licensed beautician provides free haircuts a few times a month

Monday, Wednesday Friday between the hours of 3pm and 8pm.  Our street outreach teams offer bags lunches, seasonal items and a harm-reduction resource sheet that includes the Human Trafficking Hot Line number.

Tuesday 2:30pm -3:30pm we offer a snack and a harm-reduction resource sheet as a way to remind women we are open.

2019 Accomplishments

  • Drop in center open 113 times this year.
  • Served 572 meals through the drop in center.
  • Center was visited by 102 women
  • 1200+ volunteer hours
  • Conducted Outreach 88 times this year
  • Distributed 300+ bag lunches during Friday outreach.
  • 705 accumulated contacts during outreach to approximately 225 individuals.
  • Assisted 4 women through the Bridge to the Future Fund
  • Provided direct services to 30+ victims of Human Trafficking
  • Assisted 6 women into treatment programs
  • Attended MPD District 2 Target Team monthly meetings.
  • Partnered with Pathfinders and Benedict Center to produce an existing harm reduction/resource sheet 6 times in 2019
  • Participated in the Ascension State Human Trafficking Advisory Committee.

Our 2020 – 2021 Goals:

  • Expand our volunteer resource to meet specific needs
  • Recruit individuals with specific skills to grow our board
  • Continue building collaborative relationships with other organizations and Law Enforcement
  • Begin preparations to open a Transitional Home
  • Train additional Client Advocates
  • Raise monthly support to sustain operational costs, employ up to 4 employees at part-time wages


Long-term Goal

Safe, Sober, Supportive Transitional House.